Friday, February 16, 2018

Beckett gets an award

Two weeks ago we got a letter home saying that Beckett was going to be recognized at the Second Quarter Student Recognition Breakfast, which was last Friday. When he found out he was getting an award for Academic Achievement, he was beside himself with excitement. While he waited for his turn to accept his award, he could barely stay seated. His buddy Preston was given an award in the first category so they were there too and we got to eat breakfast together.

It was amazing to me how much better Beckett's behavior was in the days between when he learned he was going to be getting an award and when he got it. He obviously felt so good about himself. He was being so generous with Theo, and giving to Reed. He is capable of being so gentle and kind and empathetic, but he feels so yucky sometimes that it's hard for him to be kind to others. It's so much easier to be nicer to other people when you feel good about yourself. So I'm trying to learn from that, to remind him all the ways he is wonderful and that we appreciate him.

Preston accepting his award

Beckett waiting in anticipation of his name being called

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sledding and weekend with Nitsan and family

Last weekend Nitsan came with her family to visit. We did our share of sitting around in front of the fire and eating fatty carbohydrates but in addition to that Nitsan and I also took the big kids out for a sledding trip Saturday afternoon. There was a lot of throwing snowballs in the yard before we left, which surprisingly did not end in crying, as well as snowman-building.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Snow day

Wednesday the boys were home from school for the big expected snow. We did get some snow but it did not end up being the blizzard of 2018 that was hyped. We had Preston join us for the day which always creates some chaos but I am happy to report that everyone was very tired by the end of the day of playing, fighting, and destroying everything in the house.

Some quiet hippo ride slash reading time after Preston left.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Selfie and Reed playtime

Reed, like his brothers before him, loves going to the Great Northern Mall to play at the food court toddler play space. Kids have to be under 42" to play in the foam, socks-only, padded area.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A week ago Sunday I took Theo and Beckett to the SU women's basketball game. We met up with friends Leah and Jon and their baby Rosalie, who Theo got to hold. We also met up with Mama Sara and Preston as well as friends Emily and Violet. The boys ate their way through Twizzlers and Airheads and loved cheering on all the SU baskets. Leah scored free sunglasses for them too as part of a promotion. It was a good introduction to the Dome!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Weekend wrapup

Saturday was Preston's birthday party at the Pompey fire department with Dan the Snake Man after haircuts in the morning. Theo and Beckett were riveted and touched every single animal they could. There was great cake and ice cream and a pinata and some of their friends from school. It was an excellent party, all around. On the way home we stopped at a great greenhouse and the boys had fun choosing out some plants to bring home. That evening we had some good friends over for dinner and the boys had a lot of fun with the other little kids.

Sunday I took the boys out for a walk in the woods near our house, behind the boys' old school. We suited up in our snow pants, winter coats, and boots. Theo insisted on bringing his backpack so he could bring a pen, a notebook, a magnifying glass, and books on bird and tree identification. As soon as we got to the fields behind the school, Beckett took off through the snow, running and jumping and rolling in the snow and making snowballs. Theo took his time through the snow, making lots of stops to put down his backpack, take out his notebook, and jot down notes about what he noticed or experienced. (We have been reading a lot of Magic Tree House and Theo wanted to emulate Jack, who jots down notes on his adventures.) Reed had a tough time walking through the crunchy six-inch-deep snow, so I wore him on my back for the walk through the open field. Once we got to the trail in the woods, there was a nice path packed down that everyone could walk on, and Reed was happier walking by himself. Beckett ran on ahead and looked like he was truly enjoying a huge wild space all to himself. We ended up at the playground deep in the park and the boys loved trying everything out in the snow and ice. Theo also did some amazing ninja warrior winter edition moves. I didn't get a lot of good photos of Beckett because he was so far ahead most of the time.